Diane Elliott

Owner, Color Specialist, Hair Styling, & Waxing

Diane has been in the industry for 32 years. She is a color specialist, and does haircut styles, perms and waxing. She loves working with people as clients are like family. She also likes taking on challenges by doing different tasks everyday and trying out new techniques. She loves getting to do hair as her main career and being able to socialize.

When Diane was in high school, she has always wanted to do hair. However, that was not what she started with since she got sidetracked, got married and had a son. She used to own a dairy farm since that was the only thing she thought she knew how to do. Diane grew up milking cows and has always had great work ethics. She ended up going through a divorce, which was what led her to go back and pursue her dreams of being a hairdresser. “It is never too late to follow your dreams.”

Contact Diane

Salon Phone: 402-489-4488
Cell Number: 402-540-5393
E-mail: dianeelliotthwy2@icloud.com

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