meet our staff

our hairstylists

  • Diane Elliott Owner & Hairstylist
  • Tara Dillon
    Tara Dillon Hairstylist
  • Marla Geschke
    Marla Geschke Hairstylist
  • Michelle Schmidt
    Michelle Schmidt Hairstylist
  • Heather Bandiola
    Heather Bandiola Hairstylist
  • Bonnie Hall
    Bonnie Hall Hairstylist
  • Samantha Hall Hairstylist
  • Jenna Hendrickson
    Jenna Hendrickson Hairstylist
  • Molly Sukup
    Molly Sukup Hairstylist
  • Hanah Casey
    Hanah Casey Hairstylist

our estheticians

  • Cynthia Elliott
    Cynthia Elliott Esthetician

our massage therapist

  • Jade Wruble
    Jade Wruble Massage Therapist

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